Disable splitpane programmatically from another component

Hello, I’m trying to find a easy way to disable split panes in Ionic 4 programmatically from another component. My split pane resides in my app.component.html but I would like to disable it (just like in

<ion-split-pane contentId="outlet" disabled="true></ion-split-pane>

) from my auth page. Since I intend to keep the hamburger icon, I dispense solutions that disable the entire menu through MenuController .

I’ve searched for a splitpane controller but there seems to be none.
Is there any insight on this matter?


First idea that comes to me would be to have a service that is injected by the app component and somehow conveys this boolean value to it, so one could bind [disabled]="splitPaneDisabled". Then the auth page could inject the same service and change the value somehow.

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