How to disable (change/add attribute) ion-splitpane in other page (login & sign up page)

so i have a vue ionic template side menu where the menu is always on the left side, but i want the menu to disappear on some pages for example login page and register page is there a way to toggle disable attribute that ion-splitpane tag has on some of those pages or another way that can solve the problem thanks in advance!

If you change,




Then you could pass the disabledVariable into your component as a prop.

Ah, I got the idea but how do I use that variable for example in signupPage.vue(different file)? it should be placed in the setup right?

You can call it in setup():

const disabledVariable = ref(true);

if (some_condition) disabledVariable.value = false;

but I was thinking if your original code was its own component (MenuContent.vue), you would add props to that file.

Then when you use your component in your other files you would then in the template section use:

<MenuContent disabledVariable="true or false"></MenuContent>