Disable-scroll data binding is not working

Hi !

I am using ion-slide-box and trying to bind data to disable-scroll attribute. But it’s not binding data.
I tried following ways :
Controller :
$scope.disablescroll = true;

ion-slide-box style=“height:390px;” disable-scroll=‘{{disablescroll}}’
ion-slide-box style=“height:390px;” disable-scroll=‘disablescroll’
ion-slide-box style=“height:390px;” ng-attr-disable-scroll=‘disablescroll’

None of these worked for me. Is there a way to bind data to disable-scroll attribute? Please guide.
I am using ionic version #1.0.0-beta.13

Any solution for this?

Any possible solution for this?

Have you tried using $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.enableSlide? I am not sure what your end goal is, but I created this codepen (from Ionic’s demo) which disables the scrolling once you get to slide 2. You can pass a variable to it like this:


Edit: confirmed you could pass a variable.

Thanks! It solved issue.

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