Disable left menu toggle by clicking on ion-nav-view when menu is open

Hi everyone

My app uses a left side menu which point to several list views. My goal here is to disable the clicking action on the ion-nav-view that toggles the menu, when the menu is open. I know how to disable the drag, but I also need to disable the click.
Does anyone know how to do this? Preferably, any delegate to handle this?

The user cannot go back to a view that does not exist, when I delete all the entries on the left side menu…


Anyone, please? Still struggling with this one.



Im not on my laptop to search the docs now but i think the side menu emits an event when its opened. You could Do multiple things from that but quick and easy would be ngDisabled

Hi @bradmartin

Sorry for the late reply, but I had some other work to do and only now I could get back to my app. I looked over your answer but I couldn’t make it work…

If you have the time, can you provide a detailed solution for me, please?

In the meanwhile I will work on other aspects of the app.