Disable keyboard plugin

I’m using ionic as a web-based application, completely outside of cordova.

Is it possible to remove the dependency to the keyboard plugin, since this app will never be called from within Cordova?

The keyboard plugin just provides some events that we need in ionic. But if the keyboard isn’t available, we just guess - so you should be good.

But just not, that Ionic isn’t meant to be a website, but a compiled app through cordova.

I understand ionic uses the latest and greatest browser technology, and I’m ok with that, especially to warn users they need to be on the latest Chrome/Firefox.

Other than supporting the browser, why can’t ionic be run as a web based application?

the browser being one of them.

We support 4.1+, so devices with 2.3 won’t get a great experience with ionic.
Plus the UI is really geared towards native UI.

The look/feel of an native app is not the same as a web site.