Disable items based on condition in side menu



In my new app I’m developing I add items to a side menu. I want to disable some items based on the state of a boolean in my App component. In my menu I add the following item:

<ion-item >
     <button [disabled]="!condition" (click)="test(condition)">Test</button>

When the app starts condition is false and the button is disabled. When the state of condition changes to true, the button is enabled. When the condition changes back to false, the button remains enabled. If I click on the button the condition value is false.

I also put a toggle switch on the menu and this toggle does show the correct value of condition.

This seems like a bug to me.

Ionic info:

Cordova CLI: 6.1.1
Gulp version: CLI version 3.9.0
Gulp local: Local version 3.9.1
Ionic Framework Version: 2.0.0-beta.6
Ionic CLI Version: 2.0.0-beta.25
Ionic App Lib Version: 2.0.0-beta.15
OS: Windows
Node Version: v5.11.0


can you please create a minimal example in a git repo?



Here is an example:

Press the “Toggle menu button state” button and you’ll see the disabled state of the button in the side menu doesn’t change. The ion-toggle does change state.