Disable all animations, except for toast controller

Hi there,
Is there a way to set NavOptions for popping a page via android back-button or the back-button in the navbar?
I didnt find anythin so far…

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Ok, i got lucky and found the solution:

To disable animation for all your navigation go to your app.module.ts file and add to the config animate:false

Like so:

IonicModule.forRoot(App, { animate: false })

Ok, looks like the topic is not solved yet…
Sure, with IonicModule.forRoot(App, { animate: false }) i can disable the animations, but the problem is, it will disable ALL animations.

So, i still need to find a solution in which the page transitions dont have animations, but the rest is unaffected.
basically, i just want to keep the animations for the toast controller. So, if someone knows a solution, how to activate the toast animations when animations are globally disabled, i would be more than thankfull…

Best regards