Different layout for different screen orientation - not smooth

So i am using simple ng-if to display different layouts for landscape and portrait.
But when i rotate device my layout is broken for half a second before new layout it applied.
On device rotation my current ion list is rotated and only after that new list is applied.
Does anyone have idea how to prevent that?


By different layouts you mean different content or just different styles?
If it is the second one try to do display different layouts with changing styles like different media queries.

Both. I need two ion-lists side by side when landscape, and for that i also need different. So i think the only way is ng-if

And what you have for portrait version?

I have ion-list for both. But for landscape i use two ion-list side by side that have different content (odd elements left, even right).

I need to somehow hide list before media queries resizes them, but don’t know how should i do that.

What about to display splash screen till you change the layout?