Different views for mobile vs tablet?

Say for example i have a list or a card list on mobile, is it possible to do something different for iPad / tablets ie: a grid layout etc? Or will the cards / lists just expand to the screen size?

Im not sure how to cater for iPad / tablet using Ionic? Looks great on a phone, but if i download the app on a tablet how do you cater for this experience with Ionic and potentially showing a different view with all the different components?

For example i noticed a users screenshot like below - is this possible, if so how?


Can anyone help with this at all?

The best bet here I think would be a library like - http://sapegin.github.io/jquery.mosaicflow/ or any responsive css layout.

I just mean in general really, or does ionic mainly only cater for mobile first?

Currently mobile first!!

But if you want you can put some hacks like using views with ng-if. It is tough to maintain though.

OR you can call different views for each based on routing. Update routing urls as something like mobile/imageScreen and tablet/imageScreen and load different html files for each

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I opened a new discussion about the thema for ionic2 on this forum

you can use media queries

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Have a look for my solution on