Difference between @ionic/pro and @ionic-native/pro?


I’m a bit confused regarding the ionic pro dependencies, please excuse me for this beginner question.

Whats the difference between the @ionic/pro and the @ionic-native/pro packages?

I’m developing an Ionic 3.* app and I’m trying to achieve:

  1. Use Ionic deploy for hot updates (got that working properly)
  2. Display the current version of the app to the user

It feels like I’m misunderstanding something? Are one of these instructions obsolete or should I use both? Both packages seems to require the cordova-plugin-ionic package.

Any help to send me to the right direction would be appreciated!


Ionic Pro (ionic/pro) is ther set of Ionic services that contain Creator, Deploy, Package, and Monitor services. Except Creator, these are services designed to work when you publish you app to the stores.

Ionic Native Pro (ionic-native/pro) is the set of Cordova and NodeJs packages that allow using Ionic Pro in your apps.

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Thanks for your reply @necmettin!

Reading further in the pro deploy api docs It seems to me like I can achieve my second goal via the @ionic/pro package and therefore I wont need the @ionic-native/pro package.

Would you guys agree?