Developing for Window Phone and Blackberry

Good Day,
Am about to develop application for Window phone and blacberry. Please, can i achieve this with ionic, If i can or cannot, i will like help on the right tools and resources that will help me get started to completed the task. i strictly want to stick to using html5, css and javascript.


Ionic officially supports only Android and iOS.

It might work on WP and BB. But I have not tested it myself.

Thanks for the respond, i have seen some documentation on issues for window phone, but i will like to know how people have been able to over come must of the common issues they come across.


I’ve been thinking about porting my app to Windows if it won’t be too difficult, and came across this blog post which seems to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date post on how to get around some of the issues, at least that I’ve seen. It may be of use for you.

It is definitely possible for Windows Phone. I have an app in the store with it running. Have a look at

There are a few things to get around (some are included in that post).
My app is targeted at Windows Phone 8.0 which is not quite the same as the new approach with 8.1 though.

Feel free to send me a message if you have some specific problems with it.