Details Arrow

I’m developing an app in two directions RTL and LTR … in ion-list in LTR arrow are left
how to change postion and name of arrow to right ?

Which version of Ionic are you using?
How are you having Ionic display your detail arrow?

@Chris - You can get “detail” arrow shown by use of detail-push attribute. See more:

As for the original question. There is no built-in command unfortunately; I guess best try is to use CSS, identify detail arrow and force it to be rendered on the left side.

sorry for late answer ionic 3 using detail push
i have reversed the arrow but still can’t rotate the arrow
i tried to use transform: rotate ( 180deg ) but it rotates the whole content

any help guys … please

@a7mdFo2ad The icon is defined as a background image in the item-inner div, so I advise you to not use a detail arrow, otherwise you would have to resort to hackish solutions that might not work in all cases, and break unexpectedly.

Instead, just include detail-none as a property in the ion-item (to not use the detail arrow) and an ion-icon with name ios-arrow-back inside it with item-end as the item placement.

thank you for reply lucas