Destroy Activity when opening Camera

I’m quite new to Ionic and Cordova but I have a concern…

I read in the Cordova Documentation (1) that if the memory usage in the phone is high, the application can be destroyed (on Android) when opening a native component (such as the camera). If I don’t handle this, the app will restart when I go back from the camera and start from the beginning and not remember the state it was in before the camera was entered. Is this something that Ionic 2 handles for me or do I have to fix this myself?

Would really much appreciate an answer and also a reference to the Ionic 2 source code if this is handled.


I have been researching this for the past few days, and I haven’t found a solution or anyone that knows of one. I am not entirely sure how to fix it, but it is something we could work on together, if you wanted to.

Yes! I really want to have an answer to this. Have you found something useful? I will be working with this and I will for sure post a solution if I find one. But as I said, I’m new to this so I’m not really sure where to begin…