Deploying PWA to website



Stupid question alert. But is it possible to deploy PWA to your personal website? Wondering what the steps involved are.

I created a sample project
$ionic start --v2 kerry tabs

Ran ionic serve, all good I see it appear. So to see it online. I just uploaded the contents of
kerry/www to my website/server.

I did not do anything else, cannot find any documentation on stuff to do other than that. Can anyone advise If I am doing the most idiotic thing ever, do I need to run a certain build command, package or what needs to happen to enable it to run on a website?



That’s the right approach. You can do npm run ionic:build --prod before uploading to make sure the www is built from the latest src.


Awesome thanks, I was not doing that. Legend man, 100% fixed it.


project_folder/www is missing the imgs folder… is it intended or just forgotten from the template ?