Deploying Javascript Ionic Vue as PWA


I have some issues with my Ionic App. it works great on all my devices, unfortunately I cannot put the app in the store due to some issues not relevant.
But I can deploy this app as a web application, because all the functionality is then still working. But I have some issues getting it to work. For example, I want to deploy my app to a subfolder on my website. But when I run ionic build prod and copy all the contents to the subfolder I get a lot of console errors that the files cannot be found. Probably because the app thinks it is on the root of the website.

Now I found some topics regarding this, but they are all in typescript, while my app is in Javascript:

Does anyone know how to get this working? Thanks!

I am not sure if your issue is related to typescript or javascript as the build result is always in js

I have seen similar questions here on angular and most of the issues seem related to base href in index.html or server configuration (rewrites of path not right configured)

So maybe this helps getting pointers?

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Ok thank you will check it out