Deploy two apps at the same time on the same phone

Hi, I was developing an initial app called “test” and since decided to split the app in half. I created a separate git branch to have the second app which I call “Debug”. “Debug” is basically an exact copy of “test” but with some files removed. Whenever I deploy “Debug” on my iPhone, it’s name is “test”. I’m guessing I need to change some files to make my xcode know that it is a separate app, but I am unsure which to change. I tried changing package.json, capacitor.config.ts and capacitor.config.json. “Debug” deploy onto iOS still overrides my “test” app.

I am using ionic capacitor with Vue.

iOS apps has an unique bundle identifier, if you are using the same bundle identifier then the app gets overwritten.

You can change the bundle identifier from Xcode

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