Delete ionic 3.3.0 and work with ionic 1



I would like to know if I can remove ionic 3.3.0 and go back to the latest version of ionic 1, version 1.3.2?

Because I have to modify an application that I made under version

I managed to install an older version of node + npm

But i can not remove ionic 3.3.0

I tried this command but I am still at version 3.3.0 if I do ionic -v

npm uninstall cordova ionic

Thank you


Modern versions of the CLI should be capable of working with v1 apps. The framework version is independent of the CLI version.


If you’ve made an app that uses Ionic 2+ then there’s really no going back.

If you’d like to start a new Ionic 1 app then you can do:
ionic start myproject --type ionic1


My old application I made it under version 1, if I do as you say

ionic start myproject --type ionic1

I can recover my application and make the drives that are compatible with ionic 1?

For example

ionic state restore

Thank you


No, the last version of the CLI that supported that command was 2.2.3. But I don’t really understand why you need those, the new CLI has new commands that do the same jobs.


Hello and thank you for your answer, can I know the equivalence on the new version? There is a link that shows old command, new command? thank you


Ionic CLI v3 Cheatsheet



Thank you I look at this


Thanks for your links you shared