Default scrolling problem



When using the default javascript based scrolling the scroll position will frequently “stick”, this can be seen by loading “examples/starters/list” in mobile safari. If you scroll to the top or bottom enough times the content will stick and you need to tap the screen again to reset the scroll. Does anyone know a solution to this?



I’d like to know that too.


I have noticed this too- difficult to reproduce consistently, but definitely important because when it gets stuck it really makes the app feel buggy.

There is an open issue on Github at

@max, have you experienced this at all?


I’ve seen this a bit as well. Sometimes if I’m in a “bounce” and touch the screen, it stops in it’s tracks and stays there. Any further interaction unlocks it.


It seems like this is a big problem in android devices.


I haven’t actually experienced it on Android devices. I have seen it many times on iOS though.


I don’t have a Apple Developer Account, but my project works great in iOS simulators.

However, the scrolling sticks frequently in all my android devices and android simulators.



I found that if I remove side menu structure in my project, the scroll position will not stick any more.

I think I need to make my side menu open only when I swipe on the edges of screen.