Default "list" generated app not working with Android 24?


I’m trying to make the simple generated “list” app work for Android 24. But all I have is a blank app screen.

I have installed : Android Studio 4.2.2, Virtual Device : Pixel 2 API 24, SDK API 24, SDK API 30
NPM 7.20.1, Node 14.17.0
Ionic 6.16.3
OS : Linux Pop Os 5.11.0 (based on Ubuntu 21.04)

Here are the steps that I followed :

  • ionic start myApp list --type=react
  • cd myApp
  • ionic build
  • ionic capacitor add android
  • npx cap run android

Then the Pixel 2 emulator starts and displays a blank screen.

Did I miss a step ?

The apps works perfectly with a Pixel 2 API 30.

Thanks for your help.

Capacitor requires chrome/chromium/System WebView 60, Ionic also requires a relatively new chrome/chromium/System WebView, some emulators include old chrome/chromium/System WebView and don’t allow to update it, so Capacitor apps won’t work on them.

When creating a virtual device make sure it includes google play so you can update chrome/chromium/System WebView to latest version.


Thank you for your answer.
How can I get the webview version from my emulator (Pixel 2 Android 24 with Google Play) ?


You can run alert(navigator.userAgent);, or console.log(navigator.userAgent); or similar code, the user agent includes the chrome/chromium/system webview version as part of the string.

Thanks again for your help.