DeepLinker access to config object

Is there any way to get to the deepLinkConfig from a component? The Ionic side menu template creates a this.pages array to populate the side menu. I would like to be able to populate it from the deepLinkConfig so not to have redundant data structures.

Also I need to be able to create a breadcrumbs component. I see I can access the navController and use the getViews method to get an array of views, but I have no way to know what the name of the component is from the deepLinkConfig. Any way to do that?

import { DeepLinker }  from 'ionic-angular';

constructor(private deepLinker: DeepLinker) {}

this.deepLinker will have the following methods which may be helpful in your case:

Anybody know where there is documentation for this? I keep getting an error trying to use getComponentFromName. It says invalid link. I see it returns a promise which I am using.