Declarations.d.ts is missing from new Ionic projects

I don’t see the file declarations.d.ts when I start a new project.
Is the latest Ionic doesn’t need it anymore or do I have to create it manually?
I am using Ionic CLI 3.7.0

You don’t have to create anything by hand.

Use a really current CLI version, run ionic start blank blank and see which files it generates - these are needed.

I did use the command ionic start MyProject blank but there is no file called declarations.d.ts
I am asking this questions because some tutorials talks about this file but it does not exist
Note that I am using CLI 3.7.0

The current version of Ionic CLI is 3.9.2.

Still the same issue

What issue?

If the file doesn’t exist, the tutorials are just wrong.

In general, rely on Ionic and Angular official documentation, and don’t spend much time with tutorials. Both frameworks change a lot every 3 to 6 months. If you follow a tutorial, you have no idea how correct it is.


the file declarations.d.ts has been removed in ionic cli 3.3.0.
You can check the Change log here.
I am finding out how to declare this variable globally.


What variables do you want to declare and why?

Can You just answer how to make declarations.damn…

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