Debugging in Chrome

Hello, everyone
I started learn Ionic a couple of days ago. And came across with the following problem

I would like to debug it and added console.log() into my code but it doesn’t work. I added console.log() into app.ts but it doesn’t work. I tryded to add ‘debugging’ like here

but it doesn’t work in browser’s console if I understood it correctly
So I have two questions
How can I fix my problem and how can I debug my app
thanks in advance for your help

if you are using TypeScript just open the source tab in chrome and find your file you want to debug.

Thanks a lot But I didn’t catch a little bit I opened the source tab and… I can see my code here but I can’t debug it. Or I make mistake?

If you see your code you are able to debug, all you need to do is to set a breakpoint when you want to start debugging and once you have done this you just have to refresh your browser

Ok. Thanks a lot for your help.

How about the error in my code? Could you tell me how can I fix it?