Debug TypeScript in Ionic2 RC0 with VS Code

Is it possible in VS Code? I’ve wasted an entire day trying to debug the Tabs starter and can’t get it working…

“ionic start myApp1 --v2 --typescript”

any help much appreciated. thanks!

Hello, there.

I did it before.

Refer :

Hope this helps.

Yep, I already tried the Chrome extension. I couldn’t get it to work. Have you confirmed they work with RC0?

I can’t seem to find the source bundle in RC0. I can’t even figure out how to debug in Chrome. I wish Ionic would shed some light on this. I’m assuming this will get resolved in future releases…unfortunately without debugging, you can’t do any real development with Ionic2.


It looks like a problem with Source Map paths - because the paths are incorrect, chrome can’t match the JS to the MAP.

Luckily it is being looked at, like you said not much can be done w/o debugging.

(just an update, this looks like the issue to follow:

(and this is related)