Dealing with selecting All in select


To my knowledge, using the angular ‘showCheckAll’ and ‘showUncheckAll’ are not an option in Ionic2.
I have added an option in my ion-select for ‘All’
When an option is chosen a function is called and if the multi-select values include ‘all’, then all of the options are marked as checked.
Great - but I would like to only show, in the dropdown before opened, the value of ‘All’.
As it is now, because all of the options are selected, it displays all of the options’ values. I would like it to indicate that ‘All’ is selected, not the entire list.

Is there a way to conditionally show whatever I want as the value selected, if all is chosen?

Or is ‘showCheckAll’ or some other way possible?
Angular might also have a ‘dynamicTitle’ option - that would be great.


You can use the “selectedText” attribute on ion-select.