Date popup with current date


Is there any way to display showing current date in ionic2 of datepicker ??
eg…today date is 6/21/2017.
So, When datepicker pops up,initial value will be today date like

If there any input properties of ion date or any ways,pls suggest me. Thanks so much in advance !!!


If you are using ngModel to save date value, set it to current date at component constructor.

 <ion-datetime [(ngModel)]="dateVariable"></ion-datetime>
    selector: 'page-example',
    templateUrl: 'example.html'
export class ExamplePage {
    dateVariable: string;

        this.dateVariable : new Date().toISOString();


Thanks @Ramonsan…It shows current date not only before pick but also in datepicker. But I want current date is only showing in datepickernot in before picking . Is there any way ? Thanks in advance.