Data Sharing android Application

Hi, Everyone!

I want to develop an android application, which could share mobile data with others if other person has installed same application on their mobile.

This may requires recognizing the application if someone installed that, I have read the android documentation on wireless network API’s. We could do this (identifying the app) with the following Android wireless API’s.

  1. Network Service Discovery(NSD) it requires router so, user can connect to same network and could recognize each other based on NSD.

  2. WiFi Direct also use for that but it don’t requires router for connecting applications, so applications can identify each other without having the router in between connect directly to each other, but it has certain distance range to connect

  3. Bluetooth have the same concept like WiFi direct but it has lesser distance range

All of the above we could use to share files, playing games. But i couldn’t found any of them to share mobile data (internet) after recognizing each other.The idea is first applications needs to recognize each other and then share mobile data (internet).

Is there any other API which could provide functionality like above described API’s as well as mobile data sharing.If any other solution please guide me.