Customizing some parts of Android (Sytem) WebView

Hi to all, perhaps this is not the right work to ask this, but it could be very helpful discussing this at this point, and also I think this forum is very helpfully so perhaps someone can help on this.

I’m a beginner on Cordova, Ionic is using Cordova for their Hybrid web apps, on Android there is the WebView where is loaded the app.
My question is, I see some examples on the web where you could customizing this (System)WebView to do some changes on settings and others.

I try to intercept an HTTP GET, if I see in this file

there is this method:

public WebResourceResponse shouldInterceptRequest(WebView view, String url) {
Uri origUri = Uri.parse(url);
// Allow plugins to intercept WebView requests.
Uri remappedUri = resourceApi.remapUri(origUri);

You can see this text in the method “Allow plugins to intercept WebView requests”, so one of my question is, how can we do this?
Do you have some ideas or some examples to handle this?