Customising requestPermission() Dialogs - Replace "localhost"

Hi all,

When using WebAPIs, e.g. DeviceMotionEvent, we increasingly have to request permissions from the user. These will be at ionic level (rather than API permissions managed through iOS Info.plist for example).

This results in permission dialogs like the following (see below). These are system dialogs and cannot be changed, so to my understanding the best way to handle these is to make the user aware of what is to follow.

Question: In the context of ionic, the app is run on"localhost". Is there a way to customise anything in the Ionic build to make this dialog say something like: “Best App in the World” would like to Access Motion and Orientation?


Thanks. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

No, it’s not possible.
I reported the issue to Apple long ago, not sure if they have fixed it by now, they have made some related changes recently. But in any case, it would only work on lates iOS release.

Thanks very much for the response. @jcesarmobile

It really is not a great user experience, as non-technical users will not associate “localhost” with the app they have installed.

Are you aware of best practices/designs to ask users for required permissions within the app? I have seen different flows, with some apps asking for all permissions in one screen providing toggle switch for each permission needed. I personally consider the “request permission on demand” mode not useful to the user experience as it often interrupts the action the user is currently carrying out.