Custom Capacitor Plugins and Swift Delegate

I’m writing a small plugin that wraps around a 3rd party device that uses Bluetooth using Swift delegates.
This means that when I fire a method (let’s say readBatteryStatus) the method doesn’t return any value, but instead a second method called (batteryStatusRecived) is fired when the operation is done.

Is there a best practice for handling this? I’ve seen some examples on how to wrap the delegate inside a promise ( for example) but they are considered somewhat hacky (according to the writer, I’m not a Swift expert).


In a way PluginCall is a sort of promise, so you could store it on a register handler of some sort, and then when these Bluetooth delegate methods are called , you could call call.reject or call.resolve.

The Geolocation plugin follows this format (it’s using the older success and error methods which are just aliases for resolve and reject):

And where the call is first saved and registered:

Does that help at all or am I not understanding the question?

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I believe it does - thanks