Crosswalk - Ionic 2 questions (Install guide, etc.)

Hello team

These might be a silly questions, but here they go:

  • Is there any guide, step-by-step how to install/add crosswalk to an ionic 2 application?
    I have found scattered information in forum and outdated info on the web.

  • Crosswalk plugin works only for Android or will it apply to iOS builds also?

  • I’m having some issues with Ionic View. Some components work in my browser (e.g. ion-spinner, ion-select) but they do not work in Ioniv View? Adding crosswalk might help with Ionic View? or Crosswalk and Ionic View have nothing to do between them?

-And finally: apart from the fact that it adds size to the final built package, is there any other reason on not to use crosswalk with Ionic 2?

Thanks in advance