Crosswalk Integration Beta in Ionic CLI (v1.3.2)


I tested cordova CLI 4.1.2 and now latest 4.2.0 version. However the issue is still not resolved. I also know the problem from older versions of cordova but apparently now it is only a problem if I add the Crosswalk engine to my project. The run command is working fine when I am using the default cordova android project.


I’m getting this two errors when compiling:

/Users/jesus/Savelist/android/platforms/android/src/org/apache/cordova/file/ error: cannot find symbol
this.resourceApi = new CordovaResourceApi(webView.getContext(), webView.pluginManager);
symbol: variable pluginManager
location: variable webView of type CordovaWebView
/Users/jesus/Savelist/android/platforms/android/src/org/apache/cordova/filetransfer/ error: cannot find symbol
FileUtils filePlugin = (FileUtils)webView.pluginManager.getPlugin(“File”);
symbol: variable pluginManager
location: variable webView of type CordovaWebView
Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
2 errors

Could it be because the cordova core plugins are not updated?


I’m getting “The connection to the server was unsuccessful” most of the time.
Once the app loaded but still got the error after a while.


I get this error after install Crosswalk on my project:

My System informations


+1. Removing the crosswalk the splash screen work perfectly… :frowning:


This is something that will need to be changed on the cordova side of things. The cordova team is working on this.

Ionic and Crosswalk: Splash Screen error

Great job guys!

Build is working good for me. The only problem I’m facing now is with the FacebookConnectPlugin which is undefined when I’m calling login(). Anyone having the same problem?


Just upgraded and re-built our app with Crosswalk, it built on the first try. This is amazing, the speed difference on my Android 4.1.2 phone is incredible, testing it side-by-side with an iPhone 6, it’s just as fast (our app isn’t very demanding), while before it would stutter and chug!

There’s one issue with an image not displaying that I’ll have to look into. I’m not sure if the problem lies with Crosswalk, or with something we did (most likely this)/ The image is within the apk, and appears when using the Phonegap Developer app. The Splash screen also does not show, just a white page, but I can’t find the splash.png in the .apk, so this is probably my fault as well.

Is there anything I can do about the file size? I realize Crosswalk will add ~20MB or so to the .apk, but I’d like to minimize the size as much as possible. The installed size on my phone is about 60MB.

Thanks! These past few updates have been incredible.


Yup, we’re working on the file size.
Right now its bundling both x86 and arm7 binaries so in the next release we will be separating those by default

As for the splash screen


I say WOW! My app is really fluid now in my Moto G with Android 4.4!!! It feels very good. My build size is 36mb and my instaled app is 65mb. Hope you can fix that. I :heart: u


You can change the version number in config.xml or simply uninstall the the app from your device then try again. If there is no old install to reference then the test will pass.


yes, thanks. Still this isn’t a problem when using the normal build so I reported it


On the issue of app sizes, what do you guys think about this - RE:Crosswalk - Enabling the Android Move To SD Card Feature

Feel free to chime in. Thanks


Thanks for this typ. Halved the size of my .apk!


Hi guys, cross-posting a question I just asked that I think is related to this topic


I’m having the same issue. The only hack fix I’ve found is to do the following if you want to remove and re-add the Android platform:

~ ionic platform rm android
~ ionic browser rm crosswalk
~ ionic platform add android
~ ionic browser crosswalk


have to re-add crosswalk too after some time. dont know when it happens. The error says, that i have not the right environment or os or something like that


The CLI has been update to included some bug fixes and improvements.

Please update your CLIs


Did you found a solution to this?


Our project is currently still running on beta 13, and when I add crosswalk it installs correctly with no errors, but when I go to run android I get this error:

The provided path "/Users/nicholasschlax/sites/ionic-mobile-streaming/platforms/android" is not an Android project.

When I look in the platform folder I find that it’s deleted android. If I remove crosswalk and re-add the android platform everything seems to be fine.

I’m currently on CLI 1.3.2. Any ideas what this could be?