Crosswalk build all apks at once

Hi everybody,

i ve added Xwalk to my project to improve the performance for older android devices. Is there a way to generate all apks for arm, intel and without xwalk at once

Currently i m using BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true, but this does not generate a xwalk free version.

Also does anyone know how to add Xwalk lite instead of a full version ?


I’m facing the same problem. I have two different ionic projects, one with xwalk and another without.

I develope aganist the xwalk free project and every time I need to build the xwalk version of the app, I copy the www folder to the crosswalk project. ¿Does anyone use another better tecnique?

On the other hand, AFAIK, Xwalk lite is not yet fully supported, the app crashes when you open it in a device.

Same as my current solution.

I ve on Project with and one without Xwalk build by Jenkins. But the solution is not very nice, since i ve to maintain both projects

Hope anyone knows a solution