Creating splash screen from html?


Hi all - finally got my app to the place where I should really start working on the splashscreen - yippee! :smile:
Anyway, I’d like my splashscreen to look just like how my app looks when fully loaded, but without the data on top - I’m using ngcontrollers, etc., so pretty much exactly how my index.html page looks like without any templates, as my background is generated in CSS.

It seems like it would be a more seamless look if I keep the background the same, plus I wouldn’t have to mess with creating pngs. Does anyone know if there’s a way to just specify an HTML page for the look of the page? (and/or it would be nice if the new splash screen generator could take a picture of the screen :-))



You can’t specify an html page as a splash screen unfortunately.

What you can do is use our new splash screen generator.

But if you want something that will look like your apps UI, you could try this.


Thanks so much for your response! I did end up trying the new splash screen (and icon generator) which worked beautifully and effortlessly.

On a side note, it would be nice if the icon could accept a larger resolution, since I have to keep a really large one for the itunes artwork, and then have to resize to get into the icon.psd template. Not sure how your script would work for sharpening if the size is drastically different, and this is just something that would help simplify my workflow.

Also, when demoing it on my iphone I got a little itty-bitty flash between the splash screen and when index loads. Not sure if anyone else has seen that, I haven’t looked into it yet, not a really big deal anyway.


What I always tend to do is actually hide the splash screen from my first controller, so that way I know things have loaded and content is ready.

Also note, “The icon image’s minimum dimensions should be 192x192 px”, so a 1024x1024 itunes artwork can be used as a base image.


Oh, cool thanks for the dimensions tip!

And, also thanks for the tip about hiding the splash screen later, it also solves my problem with having a gray bar during my first page’s ajax load!


Where is this splash screen generator you’re talking about?




[quote=“RobinS, post:1, topic:14954”]
[…] plus I wouldn’t have to mess with creating pngs.
[/quote]Hi @RobinS, since iOS 8, your app can have a XIB or storyboard file instead of a static launch image. As written in the iOS Developer Library:

In iOS 8 and later, you can create a XIB or storyboard file instead of a static launch image. When you create a launch file in Interface Builder, you use size classes to define different layouts for different display environments and you use Auto Layout to make minor adjustments. Using size classes and Auto Layout means that you can create a single launch file that looks good on all devices and display environments.
If you also need to support earlier versions of iOS, you can continue to supply static launch images in addition to a launch file.
You use a launch XIB or storyboard file to indicate that your app runs on iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6.