Creating App Preview Videos for iTunes and Play Stores


Just went through this and figured I’d share the details for the next person :slight_smile:


It looks good, thanks for sharing. I used a shareware piece of software called Mobizen and the result was not nearly as good…

I also have the half-page issue you mention… will try the fix if I ever get back to the video.


Just to add it here but i’m an avid screenflow user and as of version 5 it can now record directly from your iphone device, it doesn’t record your gestures and touches but you can also add professional touch animations via the toolbar in the editing stage.

Costs i think $99 but I use it almost daily to record quick snippets for clients and other developers.


That’s good to know. I also tried the preview of TechSmith’s AppShow: - but it didn’t seem to be able to speed up or slow down segments, which I needed. Other than that, it looked very simple and straightforward.