Screen recorder for mac

Hey guys,

I know this isn’t exactly the right places, but with all of us building apps, I thought that one of you might have an answer for me:

I’m looking for a soft (for mac) that allow me to record a part of my screen (my app in a browser), while hiding the mouse and displaying a circle or else on touch events.

Thanks a lot!

You can use the Quicktime player. Its free.

An awesome feature of the quicktime player is that you can even record your native apps. Just plug your lightning cable into you iPhone and mac and open Quicktime player. Now you can select your iPhone as camera and it will show you the normal screen + you can record it.

It’s a Yosemite feature. More details here.


This is amazing, I think I love you

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I want to record my screen without using a cable. Is there any alternative in this case?
Actually, I just found this article. It lists out some paid software used for recording the iPhone screen via AirPlay. Anyone trying one of these? I need some advice on choosing a good one.

Hi WidawskiJ,

You can use these screen recorder software available for Both Mac & Windows. Simply, choose the suitable one & you’re ready to record.

Try this apple screen recorder to record screen actives bb rec

Popular OBS, FoneLab, TinyTake are all good options and free, they can work on Mac. As for hiding mouse, I suggest you use FoneLab to record screen, it has options to hide or show mouse cursor.