App subscriptions

Hi im looking for some advice on integrating a subscription level into ionic. i would like for the whole app to be a subscription based application whereby a user pays a subscription to use the whole app rather than multiple in app purchases or subscriptions. will the In app purchases 2 work for this particular situation or is there something else i perhaps need to consider? and where would it be suggested to place the subscription level? on login or signup?

In app purchases 2 is supposed to work for this, though if you read the Github issues for both it and the other native purchases plugin, you’ll see there are problems. Ionic recently announced that they are hiring a full time native plugin creator, perhaps in part because of situations like this. In any case, I’m rolling my own subscription solution, because I want something I can control better than the current plugin ecosystem.

I think you should read some about user experience, and where people are most likely to stop using your app. If you put too many barriers on either login or signup, you risk people never going forward. Most apps are only run once even if they are downloaded. Free content plus a subscription to get access to more, is almost certainly the way to go. You need to create engagement, and build off of that.

the issue we face is that the app is targeted at a specific audience, or rather its targeted at aquarium hobbiests. the in app purchases cant be separated out as there is no use one only case as all parameters are in the app are linked to others. we considered charging for the app as a one of fee but there isnt enough users viable to generate enough income to keep the product going as long as the user requires so the only method is subscription. this is where im cofused as to how to ask for subscription registration and at what level.