Create just one alert, not 10


Does anyone know if they is a way that if an alert goesf do not show another alert even if the if statement true for a minute. Is this possible. So it shows alert currently but if I click out of alert shows 20 more alerts as threshold met.


post with more details and share your alert code.


So what occurs when it goes over 3 it creates numerous alerts rather than just create one. so when I click disagree it gets rid of first alert but show another one straight away, Could show 10s of alerts breaking the app. I just want show one alert. Is there anyway to code this or even if alert shows don’t show another one for a minute.

if (this.dist >=3) {
      let timeout;
      const alert = this.alertCtrl.create({
        title: 'S',
        subTitle: '?',
        buttons: [{
          text: 'Disagree',
          handler: () => {
            console.log('Disagree clicked');
            text: 'Agree',
            handler: () => {
              // this.navCtrl.push('SmsPage');
              console.log('Agree clicked');
      timeout = setTimeout(() => {

By any chance, are you calling it in a loop?


Nope just if I disagree the dist could be still over 3 so shows loads of alerts like 20 as dist could be over 3. Any way to just show alert once as it crashes app as shows way too many alerts.