Create internal ads


Does anybody have any experience incorporating ads in an ionic project? I don’t want to use an existing online ad network, I want to create the ads myself for local companies and keep them updated. Any information would be great, thanks!

That’s not much of an ionic issue. If you have a ad-serving backend, you can pretty easily take the served ad and display it in your ionic project. I think your main issue is the custom ad-serving backend part, which will probably not get many responses on this forum, you should try it somewhere else, maybe on one of the StackExchange websites.

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Thanks for the advice Peey, I’ll try there.

You’re welcome.

You can probably try asking this on , but if you don’t ask it properly, you may not get many responses, here are some guidelines for asking:

  1. Describe the problem
  2. List the possible solutions you have in mind, or have tried and advantages and disadvantages of those
  3. Ask if a more elegant solution already exists

Also, remember to keep it precise, i.e., don’t ask about custom putting ads in ionic, ask about setting up an ad backend for custom ads

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Yeah like peey said,

add a backend and store necessary information there ;).

There are some cms and shop systems with included api’s.

Greetz, bengtler