Create dropdown menu

First let me say that I am newbie with ionic, I tried find my solution in google, but now the information is mixed with ionic 1, ionic 2 and now “ionic 3”.

I need do a dropdown menu wich I call “create method” with parameters and this method draw menu with options.

I tested different methods, first try modify popus, then modals, but I cant solve my problem.

I need know the best form to do this, I think that I should make external component and use his methods to do what I want. I used Sencha Touch so far now, and I used this code to this:

    options : options,
    callback : callback

    extend: 'Ext.panel',


    listeners: {

        initialize: function(){



If anyone can help me, i attach image what I want.


I have one doubt more, what is the best form to select item of the dom? In sencha I used Ext.getCmp() or, $() jQuery, or document.queryselector javascript.

Sry my English