DropDown Menu


Is there a drop down menu in nav-bar for ionic? As the “Listen Now” in play music app.


There isn’t a drop down menu built in, but you could achieve this same style of UI using the action sheet directive



@mhartington Thanks for your reply. But ActionSheet looks like to be a popup menu from the botton of screen. The dropdown my project needs is a dropdown right below the button which is clicked.

Greatly appreciated if you share more hints. Thanks.


Hi all, any ideas on this feature ?


If you need a drop down, you can incorporate an external drop down directive such as bootstrap ui



@mhartington Any chance to add this to wish list of ionic ? This is a quite common feature in native android or ios UI.


The devs are focusing more right now on getting a stable api out right now but you can always make a feature request for it on github if you want.

I’m not sure if one is already in the works or not so adding in to github cant hurt :smile:


Hey @tianlinzx! I’ll chime in on this quick - just to be clear, it’s 100% on our list of components to add. We’re very busy with a few other things right now (@mhartington is spot on) but after that is over we do plan to get to this!

Keep an eye out…


Thanks both @mhartington and @Ben for your clarification. I can understand that your current focus is aiming at 1.0 official release rather than bringing in new features. Much appreciated for your reply and attention.