Create custom UI router duplicating app.js but failed


Steps Taken:

  1. I created a ionic project name demo2 using “ionic start demo2 tabs”.
  2. I opened the www folder in sublime editor and create a duplicate copy of the app.js inside js folder and renamed the original to app1.js
  3. Both the app1.js (original file just renamed) and app.js (newly created and content copied from original app.js) have exactly same content.

Purpose to do so:
To create a new ui router and link the new ui router in index.html

Problem aroused:
When I simulate the app using ionic serve, the browser window goes blank and black. Also I tried in my Motorola phone(android phone), same problem arised.

Reference provided for all source code without the platforms/plugins/


Have you checked your spelling? On GitHub it is spelled “aap.js” even though you keep saying it is “app.js”. :smile:


@andrewmcgivery Thanks a lot for this silly mistake, present problem resolved but i shall update my problem regarding same topic tomorrow