One question about angular-ui-router.js in package


I have a question about the angular-ui-router.js in ionic package.

Is this the router.js file form original AngularJS angular-route.js??

If i want use the AngularJS Router function, do i need to load the angular-route.js model by myself???

Wish anybody can answer my question… Thanks in advance


ionic package use angular ui router which is different from ng router

var IonicModule = angular.module('ionic', ['ngAnimate', 'ngSanitize', 'ui.router']),

So if you need ng router then you need to load it separately.


Thanks for your comment. is there have any document about “ui.router”?? i did not found any informations in this website


Here is the github link
and the documentation link
The github wiki is also very useful to get started