Crashlytics Integration

Hey… plz anyone help me how to integrate crashlytics in ionic2 . i installed cordova-fabric-plugin for crashlytics bt i don’t know how to implement in project code… if any one have reference please help out.


You could declare var window in your provider ts file.
Like below snippet:

import {Injectable} from '@angular/core';

declare var window;

export class ProviderClassName{


And then access fabric APIs in your provider class.
Like below snippet:

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Thanks for replying me,
I implement these thing… But how could i identify this is working or not… because i m getting error Runtime Error
Cannot read property ‘Crashlytics’ of undefined… my app is working properly… plz help me out.

If you will add declare var window, as i have mentioned in above post then ‘Crashlytics’ of undefined error should not come.

Still error coming, then might be you have some issue with installation.
Please follow as mentioned here :

Do not forget to mention FABRIC_API_KEY=XXX & FABRIC_API_SECRET=xxx, at the time of adding plugin.

After that, you can remove the platform and add it again.
I have noticed, CLI fails to update files sometime.

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Thanks a lot ankit… Its working properly

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