Ionic build ios and sass integration

Hello, community I need help,

I am fairly new with Ionic in general and I am facing an issue with the pages’ scss files. Long story in a few words, I have my local environment building all correct and it is looking good but when I deploy my app to azure it looks like the css has not been compiled or transformed.
I will provide short my structure and config and hopefully someone can guide me through this issue.
In advance, I am sending my appreciation for your help!



In Azure I run 3 commands basically:

  1. npm install
  2. ng build --prod
  3. npx ionic cordova build ios --no-build --device --prod --release – --developmentTeam="(ios.DevelopmentTeamID)" --codeSignIdentity="(install_dist_certificate.signingIdentity)" --packageType="{{ parameters.packageType }}" --provisioningProfile="(install_provisioning_profile.provisioningProfileUuid)"’

I assume in the 3rd step is where the scss mess up the final app.

Thank you