$cordovaFacebook ngCordova not work on ios9


i used $cordovaFacebook, before update to ios9 for my device and xcode7 everything work fine. After that, my app can’t run. When i change bitcode = no at project setting, app can run but when login facebook it run with in app browser not switch to facebook app. Someone got bug or have solution fix it so help me, please. Sr my english so bad!


See this issue ticket:

A temporary fix is recommended at the bottom. When Apache Cordova fixes their plugin for iOS 9, things will improve.


It not work for me. Because my problem is when login facebook, it work fine (used in app browser) but not switch to facebook app has setup on device. thanks for your help


Hi !

Edit : Project => Ressources => Info.plist (right click => open as => source code)

Add this :



tks for help, i fixed it ~ 10 day before :smiley:


Hi qdeveloper!,
How did you solve it?
Info.plist solution don’t work for me,
not switch to facebook app.


I fixed!
I needed