cordovaDatePicker troubles

I know the cordovaDatePicker has lots of issues, but what I’m seeing is probably something I’m messing up. The document “deviceready” event never fires and I’ve tried a lot of different solutions. Here’s my current, tortured code:

    $scope.$on("$ionicView.loaded", function(event, data){
       // handle event
       console.log("LOADED: ", data.stateParams);

    function initDatePicker() {
      console.log( "initDatePicker");
    document.addEventListener("deviceready", function() {
      console.log( "event listener");
        $ {
          if (date) {
            if (currentState('time')) {
              $scope.newJob.startTime = date.getTime();
          } else {
            console.log('Date undefined'); // Cancel clicked
      }, false);

$ionicView.loaded fires so I know I’m registering for the document event, but it never comes in. Originally I had the document.addEventListener code in the controller function, but it stopped working at some point. All thoughts are welcome.