CordovaAouth facebook returning only access token


Hi, am currently login user using ngcordovaOauth by nicraboy ,
this is the controller

$scope.login = function() {
$cordovaOauth.facebook("*******************", ["email"]).then(function(result){
    $rootScope.facebook= result;
}, function(error){
  alert("Error : " + error);

it returns only access token , how do i get the username , profile picture, gender email …


ngCordova Oauth plugin is only authorization plugin, you can’t use it to access client personal data.


thanks , guess only option firebase , but hoping to use it with hacker plan as am only using for auth - is this good plan


Hi madiba,

In the [“email”] field , which email we have to give in order to get the access token



see blog post it is about integrating with Parse with $cordovaFacebook, but I show how to get additional user information from facebook using $cordovaFacebook.api

// get the user information to add to the Parse Object
var fbValues = "&fields=id,name,location,website,picture,email";
var fbPermission = ["public_profile"];

return $cordovaFacebook.api("me?access_token=" + accessToken + fbValues, fbPermission);


@karkhik , i just passed the email as you see , i assume it the requesting for fields from facebook , as in the get me the email feed ,


@madibaion, thankyou for you answer… It worked…


@karthik123 Hi ,am using this library it super easy , has support for in app browser and and native app if its installed ,also has a google aouth which is awesome for android apps , it return all the data i need ,
ionic oath github


@madibaion . sorry for late reply… Thankyou…I’ll take look at it .