Cordova whitelist on windowsphone with ionic ? what is the alternative?

I’m looking to deploy my ionic app (already live on android+ios) on windowsphone.
As far as i know, ionic is not (yet ?) compatible with windows so i diged into cordova layer and successfully buit my .xap file.
Unfortunately, as i’m using (as almost all app) external curl call, windows restriction blocked these call and my app doesn’t work.
For iOS it is natively granted.
For Android it is bypassed through whitelist plugin.
How can i achieve it for windows env ? (wp8 and windows10)

I’m quite sure i’m not the first guy facing this issue…

Hi @lucbonnin,

Do you mind to give me some info about the setup of the whitelist? It is the one from cordova?

Which config.xml I have to edit from Ionic project?

I want to be able to navigate through a https site using a ssl certificate


Hi @icarius_31. You should look at articles on the forum about CORS constraints.
For android only, you should look at whitelist plugin and config.xml

A sample from my code :slight_smile (goes as a child node of root node):

  <plugin name="cordova-plugin-whitelist"/>

  <access origin="tel:*" launch-external="yes" />
  <allow-intent href="tel:*" />

  <access origin="mailto:*" launch-external="yes" />
  <access origin="*"/>
  <access origin="*"/> 
  <access origin="*"/> 

I hope it could help you