cordova.plugins.pdf.htmlToPDF not triggered in android 6.0.1


i have tried this code in android 5.1 and 7 its working fine but android 6.0.1 it not even triggerd so please any help me to solve this problem

                        data: this.htmlstring,
                        documentSize: "A4",
                        landscape: "portrait",
                        type: "base64"
                    (success) => {
                       alert("sucess base64")
                      this.myBase64 = success; 
                      this.loading1 = this.loadingCtrl.create({
                            content: 'Please wait...'
                    (error) => alert(error));


What is this? Link please.

Are you really using ngCordova?

What does that mean?


nothing will happen if its triggered showing alert


i reffered here :


I repeat my question:

Also, this doesn’t explain your problem any better: