Cordova plugins not installed


Hi there,

I’m trying to user some cordova plugins in the app and its been very frustrating, trying to get facebook sign in but I noticed that any other plugin I try to install is not available on device too.

So if I do

 cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-statusbar

It seems to work ok, installation completes and its added to plugins directory, cordova build android works and when I do phonegap build and install application on my device only four plugins I always get are

  • push plugin
  • background-mode
  • local-notification
  • device

And those are available either on windiws.plugins

All of the plugins I tried to install are not there and it always fails somewhere inside ngCordova wrapper saying actual plugin is undefined.

Btw I went through ngCordova most common mistake and did all that but nothing helped and all calls are in ionicPlatformReady.

Thank you in advance for all suggestions